The Secrets to Success

The Secrets To Success Study Skills course teaches students how to study.  By combining a proven curriculum with a casual and engaging atmosphere, the course has helped thousands of students study more effectively and more efficiently. The program includes instruction in the following areas:

  • General organizational and study skills
  • Study skills specific to each core course
  • Writing good research papers
  • Time-management at the student's grade-level
  • Overcoming intimidation
  • Implementing a proper concentrational/diversion ratio
  • Building self-esteem

Each Secrets class is a one-week summer program consisting of five three-hour sessions. These sessions are conducted in a personal atmosphere in which classes are limited to a maximum of 18 students, divided by grade level.

Each class is taught by certified teachers and trained instructors close in age to that of the student and they use their classroom experience and education to relate to each student on their own grade-level.

At the conclusion of each class, students receive a program manual of over 100 pages that contains all the materials presented during the week.

Our students love the course as they come to understand that efficient study habits mean less time on homework and better grades. Teachers from our schools recommend the course because it covers topics they often do not have time to cover in class. Parents are our best source of referrals, as their children - from all achievement levels - improve their grades, gain confidence and enjoy a more satisfying academic experience.




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Your course helped me feel confident that I can succeed. Before your class, I hoped I could stay in school. Now I feel like I can make high honors.


Your study skills seminar gave me a positive attitude towards school...My self-esteem has improved greatly. My parents are very proud of me and importantly so am I.


Thank you for such a well-organized course for a subject that usually doesn't set hearts on fire! (parent)

The Secrets To Success can help every student. While many students find traditional study skills courses dry and ineffective, The Secrets To Success represents a refreshing alternative.
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